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September 11, 2013 9:54 AM
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K. P. Funderburke, Jr. Educational Endowment Fund


The objectives of the APSAF Educational Endowment Fund are two-fold. First, it will help support active APSAF members to attend leadership workshops, educational training sessions, or symposia. Second it will provide financial support for students to attend APSAF leadership workshops, APSAF annual meetings, or the National SAF Convention.

Program Format

A. The Appalachian Society of American Foresters hereby establishes the Educational Endowment Fund administered as a separate account by the Society Secretary/Treasurer as directed by the Educational Endowment Fund Committee.

B. The Educational Endowment Fund Committee shall be composed of a Chair appointed by the APSAF Education Chair, the APSAF Secretary/Treasurer, the APSAF Continuing Forestry Education Chair and the Chairs of the Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina Divisions.

C. The Educational Endowment Committee will review all applications for funding and be authorized to commit funds to applicants according to the guidelines set forth below.

D. The amount of money available to be granted in a given year will be limited to the accrued interest from the Fund. In general, half of the amount will be available for regular member support and half for student support. However, the Committee shall have the flexibility to award more than half of the annual amount to either students or regular members, based on applications received.

Funding Criteria

The Educational Endowment Fund Committee will act on funding requests, as a normal procedure, four times per year which will be in association with the regular meetings of the APSAF Executive Committee. Applications can also be sent electronically, but the individual or Chapters must send the applications no later than October 1 or at least three weeks prior to the National Convention and no later than December 15 for the APSAF Annual Meeting. For all other educational events, the Secretary/Treasurer must receive the application at least six weeks prior to the start of the event.

A. It is the goal of the regular member portion of the Educational Endowment Fund to assist one active SAF member each from the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina divisions to attending SAF leadership workshops, educational training courses, or symposia. However, the Committee shall have the flexibility to award more than one grant within a Division, based on applications received.

Member applications will be judged on the basis of need and availability of employer support.

B. It is the goal of the student funding portion of the Educational Endowment Fund to assist one to ten active student SAF member(s) from each institution in the APSAF area having an SAF accredited two- year, four-year, or graduate level educational program to attend either an APSAF leadership workshop, annual meeting, or SAF Convention. The maximum amount awarded per student will be $50/student to attend an APSAF Leadership Workshop or APSAF meeting and $90/student to attend the National Convention, with the caveat that the maximum awarded to any student chapter will be $500 for an APSAF Leadership Workshop or Annual Meeting or $700 for the SAF National Convention.

Students submitting applications must be in good standing in their respective institution and must be student members of SAF. Scholarship awards will be based on need, academic performance and professionalism.

APPROVED: APSAF Executive Committee 2-21-00, rev: 7-24-00, 10-30-00, 11-27-00, 1-25-01, 3-27-07.

Application Form:

Adobe PDF Format ; MS Word Format