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December 7, 2012 1:47 PM
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Back to the Future - Urban Forests, HBUs (Highest and Best Use),
and Field Forestry: A Return to Normalcy?

Appalachian Society of American Foresters
92nd Annual Winter Meeting

January 30th - February 1st, 2013

Hilton Charlotte University Place,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hosted by the Catawba Chapter
of the Society of American Foresters

Sponsored by       List of Exhibitors

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For several decades until the recession of 2008, forest investments and management were greatly influenced by rapid conversion from rural forest land to urban and urban fringe residential and commercial development.  Vertically integrated forest products firms sold their forest lands.  Timber investment management firms (TIMOs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs) acquired these holdings, and made substantial sales of the highest and best use (HBU) forest lands for urban development.  Nonindustrial private forest landowners also profited from rising land and timber prices, riding the housing development and timber price boom.  As the cities and suburbs spread, urban forestry came of age, both in terms of managing the increasing core urban forests and trees, and as managers to ensure reasonable development practices and protection of the residual exurban forests.

Has the HBU boom and urban sprawl ended?  Will we return to the normalcy of rural forests managed for just timber products and recreation?  Or will mushrooming farm land prices spill over to forest land prices again? Will urban forest management focus more on arboriculture than on development, planning, and protection?  Will foresters go back to the future of jobs in the woods, not in cities?  Or has the landscape been so transformed that our jobs must change dramatically as well? Speakers at this conference will answer these questions, reconciling past trends with contemporary economic and social realities.  We will look forward to their insights, which will help urban foresters, field foresters, public and private land managers, and other natural resource professionals improve their knowledge and management of forests, trees, and people in cities, suburbs, and the country.

This conference will attract forestry professionals from three states (VA, NC, SC), representing state and federal agencies, private industry, consultants, academics, and students. This will be an opportunity to interact with hundreds of professional foresters within a two day period, with vast opportunities to communicate with and get to know the attendees.

This Conference will be held January 30th-February 1st, 2013 at the University Hilton, Charlotte, NC. We look forward to seeing you there and thanks for your support!

Contact Christa Rogers, Arrangements Chair, at (Christa.Rogers@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov, 704-948-4504), for more information and questions about the meeting.