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Page Updated:
February 7, 2016 2:29 PM
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Southeastern Forests:
How much will be left, who will own them,
and how will they be managed in the future?

Appalachian Society of American Foresters
95th Annual Winter Meeting

January 27-29, 2016


Wed, Jan 27th, 2016    
  2:00-6:00 pm -

Pre-Conference Leadership Workshop - Acceleraing the growth of Leadership in SAF and Your Own Neck of the Woods.

  2:00-6:00 pm -

Pre-Conference Technology Workshop - Forestry Technology

Thu, Jan 28, 2016    
  9:00 am-4:30 pm - Lemur Center Excursion: Meeting tour coordinator, Greg Yavelak
  7:00-8:00 am - Full Breakfast with Exhibitors (included in registration fees)**
      First Technical Session - Where are we headed with Southeastern Forests?
Session Moderator: Judd Ediburn, SAF District VII Board Representative
  8:00-8:30 am - Welcome, Opening Remarks, Program Introduction
    Jennifer Ganon, 2015 APSAF Chair
    Hans Rohr, 2015 NC Division and General Meeting Chair
    David Schnake, Winter Meeting Local Arrangements Chair
  8:30-9:00 am - Conservation Forestry in the Southeast: An Oxymoron or Moral Imperative?
    Norm Christensen, Professor Emeritus and Founding Dean of the Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University
        Presentation: Slides; Handout
  9:00-9:30 am -

Southern Forest Futures: Trends, Noval Change and Uncertainties
    Dave War Project Leader, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Center for Integrated Forest Science
        Presentation: Slides, Handout

  9:30-10:00 am - Perspectives: Forestry and Agriculture; More Importatnt than Ever!
    Steve Troxler, North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner, NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  10:00-10:30 am - Refreshment Break with Exhibitors**
  10:30-11:00 am -

Will Emerging Markets Sustain Private Timberland Ownership? -
    Henry Randolph, Partner, Gelbert, Fulbright and Randolph, Consulting Foresters
        Presentation: Slides; Handout

  11:00-12:30 am - Screening of the PBS Documentary "America's Forst Forest: Carl Schenck and the Asheville Experiment"
    Introduction by Steve Anderson, President, Forest History Society
  12:35-1:30 pm - Awards Luncheon**
  1:30-3:00 pm - ApSAF General Business Meeting
  3:00-3:30 pm - Refreshment Break with Exhibitors**
  3:30-4:30 pm - State Division Meetings
  5:00-6:00 pm - Alumni Receptions
  6:00-9:00 pm - ApSAF "Block Party" Social**

Fri, Jan 29, 2016    
  7:00-8:00 am - Continental Breakfast with Exhibitors**
      Second Technical Session - Making Forestry Sustainable
Session Moderator: Barry New, ApSAF 2016 Chair
  8:00-8:45 am -

In the past 30 years the Forest Industry land base has changed dramtically. What can we expect in the next 30 years? Can history tell us someting about the future?
    Craig Blair, President and CEO, Resource Management Service, LLC.
        Presention: Slides; Handout

  8:45-9:15 am - Strategies and Capacity for Achieving a Sustainable Future - The Nature Conservancy's work in North Carolina
    Chuck Peoples, Conservation Program Directory, Nature Conservancy
        Presentation: Slides; Handout
  9:15-9:45 am - Forestry in the New South: Preserving out Heritage, Adapting to Change and Embracing an Uncertain but Vibrant Future
    Bettina Ring, State Forester and Directory, Virginia Department of Forestry
  9:45-10:15 am - Refreshment Break with Exhibitors**
      Third Technical Session - Training Future Foresters Panel Discussions
Session Moderator: Matt Menashers, CEO, Society of American Foresters
  10:15-12:00 pm -

Education Panel:

  • Jay Sullivan - Head of the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech
  • Sari Palmroth - Associate Research Professor, Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University
  • Mike Thompson - Senior Instructor, Montogmery Community College
  • Kelley McCarter - Associate Directory, Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program, NC State University

Employer Panel

  • Laura Parker - American Forest Management
  • Tony Doster - Resource Managment Service, LLC
  • Debrah Walker - Uwharrie NF District Forester
  12:00 pm - Closing Remarks and Passing of the Gavel (Jennifer Gagnon, 2015 Chair and Barry New, 2016 Chair) / Meeting Adjourns
  1:00-4:00 pm - Tour of Duke Forest