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April 27, 2014 2:45 PM
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ApSAF Mentor-Protégé Program

Memorandum of Understanding

The goal of this program is to recruit and retain as SAF members, students and early career professional foresters.  The focus of this plan is on SAF student members and on young professional foresters who were/are SAF student members.
As a Mentor, I agree to do the following:

  1. Meet informally/by email with the student to discuss topics related to the profession such as SAF, jobs, professional ethics, continuing education, etc.
  2. Invite the student to spend a day on the job with me, if feasible.
  3. Invite the student to professional meetings sponsored by SAF, ACF, NWOA, Tree Farm, etc.
  4. Attend a student chapter meeting and work with the student chapter advisor in support of the student chapter.
  5. Present a program for the student chapter if asked to do so.
  6. Work with the student for up to two years (Junior and Senior years in a four-year curriculum) and for two additional years after the student graduates.
  7. Pay half of the post graduate’s SAF dues prior to full forestry employment, if requested to do so by the post graduate.
  8. If the post graduate drops out of SAF, send the last known contact information to the ApSAF Membership Chair.

As a Protégé, I agree to the following:
Regularly attend SAF student chapter meetings.

  1. Become acquainted with SAF at the local, regional and national levels.
  2. Respond positively to invitations from the mentor to attend professional activities as scheduling permits.
  3. Supply up to date contact information to my Mentor to facilitate communication for at least two years after graduation.
  4. Attend at least one state, regional or national SAF meeting each year.
  5. Work to recruit other students to become members of a student chapter.
Submit either Mentor or Protege information of you are volunteering to be a mentor or seeking a mentor. If a Mentor and Protege are already connected submit information for both on the same form.
Mentor Information
  City, State, ZIP
  Phone (office)
  Phone (mobile)
  I Prefer to Mentor:
  I Prefer to Mentor a Student(s) from:
  Biographical Information
  College(s) Attended (include year graduated):
  Highest Degree Earned:
  Job Title and Duties:
  Job Title and Duties:
  Job Title and Duties:
Student/Young Professional Information
  City, State, ZIP
  Phone (office):
  Phone (mobile):
  Biographical Information
  College(s) attended:
  Highest Degress Sought/Earned:
  Graduation Year:
  Professional/Career Goals:
  Previous Work Experience:
  Seeking Summer Employment for:
  Seeking Fulltime Employment for:
  Employed by:
(Full/Part time)