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SC Division Recognition

As a volunteer organization it is especially important that the society and divisions recognize exemplary efforts of our members.

The following award are given at the SC Division level.

Distinguished Service to Forestry Award

The Distinguished Service to Forestry Award is the highest award given by the SC Division and is presented to an individual who has made an especially notable contribution to the profession of forestry.

Young Forester Leadership Award

The Young Forester Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership by a forestry professional younger than 40 years of age whose actions have benefited the practice of forestry and SAF.

SC Division Special Volunteer Service Award

The Volunteer Service Award was established to recognize special, sustained, voluntary service on behalf of SAF.

Past Recipients of the awards include:

Division Merit
Young Forester
Special Volunteer
Student Professionalism
2010 John P. Martin Tamera L. Cushing   Joel A. Feltman Josh Crouch
2009 Jeffrey L. Baumann   Lawrence R. Gering Jessica D. Holland Joshua S. Millried
2008 Guy Thurmond Philip H. Sligh Christopher B. Gordy   Matthew N. Scales
2007 Michael C. Rushton Brian E. Rogers Willima G. Coleman, Jr    
2006 Van Hoffman Sally W. Tucker Michael Rushton Terrell Alston Smith Dennis O'Neal Hardwick
2005 Michael J. Bozzo Michael B. Mills L. Hodge Harmon Stepehn A. McCullters Brenton D. Silk
2004 Ched Kearse Amy McFadden Janet Steele Chaltes Harrell Brandy A. Altman
2003 William G. Coleman Kelpar Hurley James "Willie" Williams Charlotte A. Feltman  
2002 Thomas J. Straka Ana P. Hahn E. S. (Sam) Cimburke    
2001 Wade C. Harrison Gary Bratton Richard A. Harper Carl P. Zoellner  
2000 S. Knight Cox Christopher D. Vaughn Dwight L. Stewart William S. Emmerson  
1999 Waldo H. Hyman Jennifer Quick Jeffrey L. Baumann Michael B. Mills  
1998 Patricia A. Straka Elizabeth T. Bourgeois Vernon L. Robinson Mark A. Gregory  
1997 John Helms Mike Bozzo Jeffy Brockenfely Curtis M. Swanson